Portable Braiding Core Stand

My Braiding Core stand is an adaptation of a design by Rodrick Owen. It’s designed to be portable; it weights just under 8 pounds, and breaks down into it’s component parts that measure about 12″ x 16″ x 4″ tall. The disassembled stand fits in carry-on or checked luggage, or in a USPS large priority overnight box. Perfect to take to shows.
Core braiding is an exciting addition to your braiding toolbox. Basic cores add structure to a braid. if you are making a 16-element beaded braid, you need a center core to provide support. The more exciting use of the core stand is for color swaps – hanging a second set of elements of different colors, and then exchanging them with the primary elements to create a more vivid pattern. The beaded Oimatsu braid uses beading thread in a core to swap in the beaded components. There are endless possibilities!

The stand is made of architectural aluminum for a low weight. It is adaptable to both Japanese-size marudai (kneeling or tabletop) or floor standing marudai, even those with beading extensions. The support arm and the tama cross arm are adjustable for depth and height. The cross arm can be inserted upside down (cross arms over the support) for single-core braids.

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